So there's no crisis on the border...

We continue to have a partisan debate up here about the crisis on the border.  However, all you have to do is look to the border itself and see something that looks a lot like a crisis to me.

This is from John Daniel Davidson:

McAllen, a city of fewer than 150,000 residents, is now facing the prospect of thousands of migrants discharged from ICE custody, wandering the streets and sleeping in doorways and on park benches — the city's mayor has said as much. 

What's more, in February the city ordered Catholic Charities to vacate the former nursing home and find a new location within 90 days, citing complaints from neighbors about constant traffic and strangers wandering nearby streets where children play.  By any measure, the situation in McAllen is an emergency.

This is just one border town in Texas. 

Something similar is playing out all up and down the U.S.-Mexico border.  In El Paso, hundreds of migrant families are turning themselves in to Border Patrol every day, overwhelming federal facilities and personnel.  In a five-minute stretch one day in late March, Border Patrol apprehended two different groups totaling 400 people. 

On the night of President Trump's rally in El Paso in February, a group of 300 turned themselves in to the Santa Teresa Border Patrol station, which sits on an empty stretch of New Mexico scrubland 22 miles west of El Paso.  Agents had to move all the ATVs out of the garage just so a hundred or so migrants would have someplace warm to sleep that night. 

Since then, things have been getting worse.

And that's McAllen.  Add Eagle Pass, El Paso, and others.  No country has enough border patrol agents or resources to stop something like this.

The article also points out that the cartels are making millions of dollars transporting people through Mexico.  I would call that a humanitarian crisis!

Nevertheless, we keep hearing from many Democrats that this is not a crisis.  At some point, even Democrats will have to admit the reality of what is happening on the border.  We have something that looks and feels a lot like a crisis.

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