Saturday Night Live starts taking on leftists - and gets funny again

Is Saturday Night Live changing its ways? Is it feeling a shift in the political winds?

Seems that yet another side effect of President Trump's exoneration in the Mueller report (besides the rising stock market) is that Saturday Night Live is no longer doing boring skits about him. They've dropped that old dead cat, and moved on to the rich, rich, material in the assorted leftist bigs and pillars of the establishment who've found themselves heading for jail. Those leftists may be down and out, and therefore easy targets, but they also threw in a striking political jab at MSNBC.


According to The Hill:

“Saturday Night Live” in its latest episode tackled the arrest of Julian Assange, portraying the WikiLeaks founder behind bars.

“Now that the Mueller report turned out to be a big fat zero,” a mock MSNBC announcer says in the show’s cold opening, “we’re back to prison shows.”

“Right now, it’s ‘Lock Up: Chino Correctional Facility.’”

After cast members playing inmates as well as actress Lori Loughlin, who faces charges in the college admissions scandal, and celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti, who is charged with stealing millions from clients, argue over who is the “craziest,” Michael Keaton is seen as Assange.

And cripes, it is funny. The greed, self-importance, and venality of the leftists involved in these high-profile cases is amusing as heck, given the disgust we feel at their actions. SNL has tapped into a live wire, and dollars to donuts, their viewership numbers go up for it. It seems they're reaching for a national audience now, not just a blue city audience with this shift in comic focus.

And more important, they sense that the tide has moved in favor of President Trump. Their opening shot at MSNBC is potent as a warning to the left, and so was the shot at social media and its 'influencers' so it looks like a corner turning.

It works. And the more they do this, the higher their ratings will go. It's amazing to see economics infiltrate the minds of New York lefty comic writers and actors, some of the country's most influential arteestes - and it could be a bellwether.

Image credit: SNL screen shot, via shareable YouTube


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