Sanders calls for federal ban on right to work laws

Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Bernie Sanders addressed a powerful union in Las Vegas yesterday and announced his support for a federal ban on state right to work laws.

Because nothing says freedom quite like forcing people to join a union.

The Hill:

Speaking to the International Association of Machinists at the union's conference in Las Vegas, Sanders said as president he would push legislation in Congress to prohibit the laws.  Right-to-work laws bar unionized workplaces from negotiating contracts under which all members who benefit from the contract must contribute dues.  Twenty-six states currently have right-to-work laws on the books.

"We need elected officials and candidates at every level to get serious about speaking out for the trade union movement.  This should not be an afterthought," Sanders said.  "If we're talking about growing wages, providing health care to all people, having a progressive tax system, the trade union movement must be in the middle of all of those discussions."

If workers want to unionize, more power to them.  If they don't, they shouldn't be forced into it.  Such a simple, elegant definition of freedom is lost on socialists like Sanders because a disturbing number of his proposals are coercive in nature.

You want health insurance?  You will be forced into the Medicare program.  Scared of climate change?  You will be forced to severely alter your behavior.  You have "too much money" (whatever the hell that means)?  The government will forcefully lighten your purse.

Socialists don't like freedom because they believe you're too stupid to take care of yourself.  That's the bottom line when it comes to a Sanders candidacy, and it's why, ultimately, he will lose.

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