Raw, stinky progressive BS needs a reckoning

Reasonable citizens of our republic are frustrated.  They tire of progressive politics invading every simple moment, ruining things that used to be fun, injecting anger and politically correct nonsense where it should not go.  Sports, movies, school, award ceremonies, funerals — everywhere one looks, P.C. nonsense attempts to spoil it.

Reasonable citizens are also discovering that their once trusted print or televised media has been lying big time.  Yes, Trump had something to do with this.  He called out the fake news!  But what about academia, social media, Hollywood, tech CEOs, and progressive mayors and governors of sanctuary/decaying cities/states?  Trump was merely the outlier candidate who dared call the emperor naked.  Like it or not, his audacious method won him the presidency.

A snowballing litany of events is pushing citizens too far: Operation Fast and Furious; "Hands Up, Don't Shoot"; the Smollett race hoax, Lois Lerner's IRS attacks against Tea Party groups; the Benghazi debacle; Hillary Clinton's 30,000 insecure emails "disappearing"; Hillary Clinton's exoneration following a kindergarten-style FBI investigation; and, certainly most foul, a Deep State bureaucracy attempting to oust a duly elected president.  The list goes on.  

We who read and watch new media know many more grievous lies and travesties of justice, the list above being just a fraction of them.  Thus, some of us grow numb, depressed, and cynical.

We are sad when any of our former circle leaves the debate, usually after virtue-signaling some fake event.  Lefties are notorious for unfriending when a debate gets close to facts.  We can't resurrect a civil, liberal, healthy politics if they won't talk with us.

But we need to remember that these former friends and colleagues literally have no clue what has been going on.  Their media diet lacks contrary opinion and is sometimes pure fiction.  We force ourselves to read the New York Times and the Washington Post, and we watch MSNBC occasionally.  We can't avoid CNN if we fly anywhere.  But progressives wouldn't dare watch Fox News or read the American Thinker or other conservative media when we invite them to.  Do they ever read Power Line?  How illiberal of them. 

Ironically, once upon a time, Trump was an adored celebrity of the Left (while he shared money and fame with leftists).  You can Google countless photos of him chumming it up with sundry entertainment and media celebs, and other hypocrites.  Back then, they loved him.  Here's a wedding picture. 

But now, President Trump is not playing along to get along, as media-favorite politicians do.  That's a huge part of Trump's appeal.  Yet it's totally authentic, and it will win him a second term.

Ask your (remaining) lefty friends to describe a few blessings they enjoy by living in America.  You and I might go on for minutes — we know why the USA is that Shining City on the Hill.  But your lefty friends probably will not.  You should gently ask, Why, then, do so many people from all corners of the world still want to emigrate here?

We know many reasons why progressives hate Trump.

The Paris Castration Accord?  Gone.  Attempts to nation-build in failed states of the Middle East, squandering precious American lives and capital?  Gone.  Handing billions of dollars to terrorist state Iran and thereby sponsoring terrorism against the unique democratic state of the region (Israel)?  Gone.  Preventing free-enterprise capitalists from exploiting energy reserves in our backyard (fracking) or in desolate areas such as ANWAR?  Gone.  Kow-towing to China or its clients (North Korea) and tolerating unfair trade deals that decimate American industries while globalist bosses (many Republican) skim gravy?  Gone.  Allowing low-skilled illegals to enter U.S. sanctuary cities, steal taxpayer benefits, disrupt culture, and depress wages of legal citizens?  Going.  Building a wall that previous administrations and Congresses legislated?  Coming — if Trump wants to be re-elected.

How telling of our opportunity when, recently, 59 senators voted no to the goofy Green New Deal while every progressive Democrat dared only vote "present," borrowing a coward's trick from Obama's Illinois state Senate days.  Here's that Green New Deal

Finally, we are baffled by NeverTrumps who continue to pout in their corners.  No one is joining them, and even the Left (which promoted them for a short while) is beginning to shun them.  It's undeniable that President Trump promotes nearly every policy they have advocated for a generation!  Are they angry because they have been completely exposed as fake Conservatives?

These losers are adrift now that the Mueller witch hunt has spectacularly failed.  No further indictments.  No collusion.  No obstruction.  It was all just raw, stinky progressive BS­, as Trump has said to wild cheers during his recent rally in Michigan.  Predictably, pundits of the flailing media condemned Trump's norm-breaking profanity.  But outside the bubble, you and I saw reasonable citizens high-fiving. 

No doubt there were multiple felonies committed, leading up to and during this terrible episode of U.S. history, and the necessary prosecutions of them will be messy.  We did not ask for this, but we frustrated citizens are ready.  Now needs come the reckoning.   

Rick Swenson is teaching International Baccalaureate (I.B.) math in China these days.  Some of his adventures are posted on his blog, Dancing with the Dragon.

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