On illegals, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez whines about Trump not doing what's actually her job

Does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez know anything at all about the job of a congresswoman? Or does she just talk and talk, parrotty-like, not understanding a thing she's saying? She's out blaming President Trump for turning illegal aliens into ... illegal aliens because he's trying to enforce U.S. law. You know, the job he was elected to do, for the law he was sworn to uphold. Letting migrants in requires processing and  By Ocasio-Cortez's logic, Trump is the one to blame for foreign nationals choosing of their own free will to emigrate from their home countries into the U.S. without any documentation or vetting. Trump did it, Trump is to blame, they're just helpless dolls who can't help themselves, and breaking the law is part of their DNA, they don't respond to incentives. It's baloney. In reality, Trump is doing his job, enforcing U.S. law as it is currently written by, of all places, Congress. If...(Read Full Post)
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