On illegals, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez whines about Trump not doing what's actually her job

Does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez know anything at all about the job of a congresswoman? Or does she just talk and talk, parrotty-like, not understanding a thing she's saying?

She's out blaming President Trump for turning illegal aliens into ... illegal aliens because he's trying to enforce U.S. law. You know, the job he was elected to do, for the law he was sworn to uphold. Letting migrants in requires processing and 

By Ocasio-Cortez's logic, Trump is the one to blame for foreign nationals choosing of their own free will to emigrate from their home countries into the U.S. without any documentation or vetting. Trump did it, Trump is to blame, they're just helpless dolls who can't help themselves, and breaking the law is part of their DNA, they don't respond to incentives.

It's baloney.

In reality, Trump is doing his job, enforcing U.S. law as it is currently written by, of all places, Congress. If Ocasio-Cortez doesn't like those laws, well, guess what -- she's the lawmaker who's in a position to change them. Is she trying to do that? There's no evidence for it on her website. It's quite likely she doesn't even know that that's her own job. Trump has no such power to change quotas or processing requirements. But she does - assuming she can persuade enough of her fellow legislators to enact open borders or increased quotas or more agents to process visa applications. Why isn't she doing it? Because it's so much easier to poops all over Trump.

Congress itself not only writes the law on entry to the U.S., it also is responsible for immigration quotas, meaning, how many people can be admitted to the U.S. Want more migrants? Easy, change the law to admit more migrants. Only Congress can do it. The U.S. admits about 1 million foreign nationals a year as legal residents. If Ocasio, who is whining about processing times for migrants doesn't like that number, she's perfectly free to change the law to allow larger numbers of migrants in, assuming she can get her fellow congressmembers to agree.

Instead, she's just yelling about Trump, saying he's forcing foreign lawbreakers to become illegal aliens because of all that vetting or because they are short staffed based on their inability to see a wall constructed. Cause, effect.

For good measure, she says she doesn't care if migrants are legal or illegal on the spurious grounds that she care about 'human rights.' That would be news to Venezuelans, whose brutal socialist dictatorship she loudly defends. But she seems to think all foreign nationals have a 'human right' to enter the U.S. and partake of its government services.

So where's her bill in Congress to increase legal migrant quotas? Where's her proposal to increase border wall funding so that more agents are free to process legal migrant entries? Where's her bill to reduce red tape for migrants applying to be let in? Where's her bill for open borders/

What we are seeing here is Ocasio-Cortez blaming Trump for the fact that she's not doing her own job. One can only wonder what she must have been like as a bartender out stealing from the tip jar. She has a funny way of blaming the president for things she didn't do.




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