Omar calls President Trump's Jewish adviser on illegal immigration a 'white nationalist'

Introducing still another anti-Semitic trope to the body politic, Rep. Ilhan Omar has declared White House adviser Stephen Miller, who is Jewish, a "white nationalist."

Here is her disgusting tweet:

The claim digs up the blood libel often seen often from Europe's fourth-rate intellectuals — that Jews, somehow, are actually the "real Nazis."

Breitbart's Joel Pollak, on Twitter, noticed, and had a cutting response.

Don Trump, Jr. had these observations to add:

The ugly reality remains: Omar has not changed a bit in moderating her Jew-hatred, even in public.  She's now spreading the demonstrably false claim that the Jewish Miller is some kind of Nazi.  "No shame," as Trump Jr. put it, is right.  And she's still there on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, gloating about escaping any accountability for her demonstrable anti-Semitism.

No wonder she's putting out more of it.  This is the work of Democrats too craven to do something about an open anti-Semite festering in their ranks.

Image credit: Leopaltik,via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 4.0.

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