Ocasio-Cortez attacks black rising star at Fox News — and face-plants

The fame resulting from the huge amount of media attention paid to Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become a dangerous drug for her.  Completely unaware of the limitations of her education and knowledge base, she doesn't hesitate to shoot off her mouth before getting her facts straight.  And she blames Fox News for her rising unfavorability in polling.

So it was not too surprising that she shot off a tweet criticizing Lawrence Jones, who appears to be being groomed for big things at Fox News, on utterly fatuous grounds.  If you don't recognize his name, I suspect that you will become familiar with him the coming months and years.  Jones, who is African-American, joined Fox News as a contributor at the end of last year and already is being sent out on reporting assignments, which looks to me as though he is being developed for a bigger role than a mere talking head on opinion panels, the usual fate of people with the title "contributor."  His background is impressive, showing initiative and leadership as a conservative since his early years, and going on to head up Campus Reform, a wonderful organization.  He comes across as sincere, smart, and unpretentious.  As you can tell, I am a big fan.

Ocasio-Cortez is right to fear him.  He eats progressive stupidity for breakfast.

So when Jones did a live shot at the Mexican border and tweeted about it, Ocasio-Cortez responded with a tweet to her millions of followers, and hat tip to the person who first mocked Jones (on ridiculous grounds).  Here are the tweets (hat tip: The Right Scoop):

Here is the tweet she references:

And here is the devastating response from Jones:

And last night on Hannity, Jones drive home the point, mentioning a shooting two months ago, and earlier cross-border gun battles:

Once again, Ocasio-Cortez is exposed as a smarmy know-nothing — and someone who goes after minorities who happen to be conservative.

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