NY's global warming hypocrisy, from the lowly random student to the mayor himself

Wow!  Those cow farts that Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-crazy N.Y.) insists — without any evidence — will destroy the planet in, like, 12 years max seem to have affected New York's mayor, Bill de Blasio (another Dem).  He actually believes — or appears to believe — or is actually just spouting the currently politically correct propaganda that New York students want — no, excuse me, demand Meatless Mondays.  Because they "know that livestock farming produces 20–50% of greenhouse gas emissions."  Sure they do.  And surer, they care.  Not!

OK, as a former teacher, I can believe they would demand "Meatless Mondays" — but only if you offered them pizza instead, which they would gobble down.  Even pizza with some vegetables on it.  Of course, pizza is made with cheese, which comes from milk, usually  from cows.  As for sheep or goat milk — well these animals also "produce greenhouse gas emissions" through their natural body functions.   Soy milk pizza doesn't have the same taste.  And soy is a plant that grows in the earth.  And turning it into "milk" requires machinery, which produces...emissions.  Or something.  

If the mayor really believed in decreasing the greenhouse gas emissions that supposedly pollute New York's pristine air and ruin the planet — especially the New York area's section of said planet — he would sacrifice his daily 11-mile trip in a chauffeur-driven, emission-polluting SUV, surrounded by protective police in emission-polluting cars, to a favored gym in favor of working out either in a local gym or at home.  But...

The mayor claimed an exemption from his own climate crusade after being grilled on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" about his daily trips from Gracie Mansion to his favorite Brooklyn gym. ...

"Let's make clear, this is just a part of my life," de Blasio responded during the Earth Day appearance.  "I come from that neighborhood in Brooklyn.  That's my home.  I go there on a regular basis to stay connected to where I come from and not be in a bubble that I think for a lot of politicians is a huge problem." ...

Meanwhile, the city's auto fleet has ballooned from 25,855 to 31,159 since 2013.

Oh, of course.

Hey, Mayor de Blasio, how about driverless Mondays?  And Tuesdays?  And just about every day of the week?  Because you know that cars produce emissions.  And you want to save our planet's future.  And New York's, too.  Don't you?  Well, don't you?  We citizens demand it!  We demand our future!

Image: Public Advocate via Flickr.