Not in Cher's neighborhood

The singer Cher (no last name) promised to leave this country, even this planet, if Donald J. Trump (R) became president of the United States.  Well, Trump is president, and Cher is still living in this country — and yes, in Los Angeles, California and its wealthy liberal suburbs of Beverly Hills and Malibu, where Cher lives in huuuuuge homes (she owns several here and there), surrounded by gates and walls and doormen and guards, utilizing the hi-tech security that is part of the USA.

A wax version of Cher that will remain on earth even if she leaves the planet.  (Photo credit: Ronnie Liew.)

What, you expected a lefty liberal to keep a promise of sacrifice?  

But President Trump is keeping his promise of safeguarding this country by upholding immigration laws and releasing illegal aliens into locales that promote such sanctuaries such as Cher's neighborhood.  Oh, no!  Oh, yes! 

Cher immediately tweeted a self-righteous battle-cry objection amounting to nothing more than the lame it-is-OK-for-everyone-else-but-not-in-my-backyard (NIMBY) excuse.  Boom! 

Suddenly she notices and expresses concern for the homeless, the struggling veterans, and the poor who live within a few miles of her residences.  And — shock of shocks — she publicly states that California can't take care of them, so "How Can It Take Care of More?"

Excellent question, Cher.  I know!  House the present indigent in your spacious residences; place the overflow in tents in your backyards.  Front yards.  Pay even more taxes.  Your Twitter followers offered even more helpful ideas.  Maybe you should blast off to Jupiter, as you promised, and if the Jupiter residents allow you entry, maybe they can offer you some hints.  

Until then, I'm sure you'll agree your homes and those of your many like-minded neighbors would go a long way to solving the problem.