No scandals? Biden repeats an old Obama whopper

Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden's out and about, repeating the old, tired saws of the Obama administration. 

According to Fox News:

Former vice president and newly-minted 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Bidenappeared on "The View" on Friday morning and told hosts that his proudest moment of serving with President Barack Obama was that there was "not one whisper" of scandal during the time they served together in the White House.

Biden said that, coincidentally, he and Obama both told press on the same day while in different parts of the country that the thing they were most proud of while in the White House was that there was "not one whisper of a scandal."

"Not one," Biden said. "And that's because of Barack."

His comments came the day after Biden made his long-awaited announcement that he would be campaigning for the 2020 presidency.

So let's get this straight here: The Benghazi coverup never happened. The IRS targeting of dissidents never happened, either. The Gold River pollution on traditional Native American lands by the EPA never happened. Solyndra never happened. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton never had an illegal private server in some guy's bathroom. She never sold 20% of the U.S. uranium supply to Russia, and her bleachbitting of her subpoenaed emails was perfectly scandal-free, as well as her smashing of Blackberries with hammers. The fact that top-secret emails turned up in Anthony Weiner's perverted computer, for the New York cops to read, was a nothingburger. And if you like your doctor...

Actually, the Obama administration was probably the most scandal-plagued of all administrations, and for one important reason: There was never any housecleaning. Do a bad act and let your Democratic Party affiliation be your protection. I have always suspected that former FBI director James Comey's exoneration of Hillary Clinton for her private email legal violations was the big thing that made voters break for Donald Trump in 2016. The one set of laws for one elite, and the second set for everyone else, was what got Obama's team thrown out.

Now we are coming off more Obama scandals from the Mueller report - with President Obama in possession of Clinton's deleted emails, and questions raised about unmaskings and bad uses of FISA warrants, and Joe Biden brings up the years-old baloney about Obama being scandal free?

Something tells me this is about trying to reset a 'narrative' now that the walls are closing in on Obama. Sound like old Joe may be singing for his supper, still trying to get that coveted Obama endorsement.

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