Must-see TV: Tucker Carlson’s epic takedown on Dem hypocrisy on sending illegals to sanctuary cities

President Trump has gone all-in on the proposal to send to sanctuary cities the asylum-seekers that under current law must be admitted to the United States while they await adjudication of their claims (90% of which historically are denied).







The best explanation of the hypocrisy of the Democrat sanctuary city advocates that I have seen was offered by Tucker Carlson on his eponymous show Friday. Ifyou ave not seen it, the nine-minute video is well worth your time.

The Democrats have nothing substantive to offer in rebuttal, and so resort to empty rhetoric about “hate” and ”pawns.”

Trump knows that if he is able to follow through and apply a little Cloward-Piven love to his enemies, they will have to cave.

Image credit: YouTube screen grab

Hat tip: Gail Kaplan