Michelle goes low, lower with 'divorced dad' insults

At the 2016 Democratic Convention, former first lady Michelle Obama explained to the delegates — and the world — the Democrat modus operandi: "We go low, then we go lower."  Well, OK, she stumbled a bit, and the words slipped out incorrectly as she gurgled, "When they go low, we go high," but the former expression is what she really meant.

She proved it Monday night in London, England when she appeared onstage with American late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert promoting her memoir of her time in White House, Becoming.  The two Americans couldn't resist utilizing some of their overseas time to bash the current U.S. president, Donald J. Trump (R), to their British audience instead of babbling about her book, bizarrely comparing the Trump presidency to a child forced to spend time with his divorced dad.

[Obama] joked to the evening's host Stephen Colbert that — like choosing to live with a divorced dad — the choice to elect Trump may initially have seemed appealing but quickly turned sour. 

'We [America] come from a broken family, we are a little unsettled.  Sometimes you spend the weekend with divorced dad.  That feels like fun but then you get sick.  That is what America is going through.  We are living with divorced dad.'

Oh?  Go low, Michelle, real low; hurt kids, confuse kids of divorce even more; tell them visiting their non-custodial parents, their dads, will make them sick.  And hurt the parents, too, who often struggle with guilt over their children's confusion.  That is low.  That is truly "broken."  Contrary to your description, Trump's children from his former marriages seem to be decent people, not sick at all, but quick to defend their divorced dad. 

Divorced fathers in England, in America erupted at her remarks.  Read their reactions in the post and its comments.

For most Americans, no matter what Colbert and the Obamas sourly think, "the choice to elect Trump" is still "appealing."  The "broken American family" is becoming more settled as Trump's approval rate increases.  It is higher than Obama's at a similar point in their presidencies.  Under President Trump, "America is going through" the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, including those groups who have traditionally had trouble getting a job, while enjoying lower taxes and increasing wages and after tax money.  Compare that to the unemployment rate, the decreasing labor participation rate of the Obama presidency.  As Michelle said, "then you get sick."

From the low of the Obama presidency, Trump's presidency is going high.  MAGA!