Massachusetts judge busted for playing 'coyote' to a deportable illegal

Is sanity finally returning to the justice system? 

A most welcome story comes from Newton, Massachusetts, where a state judge has been busted by the U.S. Attorney's Office for interfering with federal lawmen attempting to deport a convicted career criminal illegally present in the U.S.  The judge, Shelley Richmond Joseph, and her court officer, Wesley MacGregor, are charged with conspiracy and obstruction for blocking ICE agents from detaining the twice deported illegal alien who'd been convicted of drug-dealing and was wanted elsewhere for drunk driving, from scooping him away at the courthouse. 

According to the New York Times:

Prosecutors accused Judge Joseph and Mr. MacGregor of letting their beliefs trump federal immigration law when they allegedly helped the man, who was not named in the indictment, sneak out of Newton District Courthouse in Newton, Mass., in March 2018.  The judge ordered the man to go to a basement facility, where he was let out a back door, rather than into the lobby, where she knew that an ICE officer was waiting for him, prosecutors say.

In other words, by protecting the migrant criminal from the long arm of the law, she did the same job the human-smuggling 'coyotes' do.  How convenient for the coyotes.

Predictably, the Left is yelling about the indictment, not the criminal getting let out to prey on citizens, hollering that it's a problem of President Trump interfering in the justice process.  Enforcing the law these days now amounts to 'interfering' with justice, meaning whatever it is that leftists have going at the courthouses.  Left unsaid in news reports is the fact that the judge herself was a politically connected left-winger, according to what Howie Carr found, which enabled her to:

a) illegally prevent an officer of the law from coming into her courtroom, b) improperly order the clerk to turn off the tape recording of the proceedings, and c) allow the illegal immigrant [sic] (who is also believed to have been charged with OUI in Pennsylvania) to flee the courthouse. 

One other thing he could have added to his list is that the judge lied to the federal agents (something that got jail time for some Trump officials in unrelated cases), telling the agents to wait in the lobby where she'd release the criminal.  Instead of keeping her word, she had her court officer use his special security key to release the criminal out the back door so they wouldn't know he'd been let out.  Talk about sneaky-pete.

The problem with this whole scenario is that leftists seem to think they 'own' the courthouse, and the entire justice process, instead of recognizing themselves as merely servants of the law.  In leftyworld, the law serves them, not the other way around.  These leftists claim the charges amount to a politicization of justice, but they're just protecting their own.

By this logic, would the lawmen who arrested the illegal have the 'discretion' to not bring the illegal to the courthouse for his court date because they didn't like the judge?  Could the lawmen just keep him and deport him on their own as a matter of their own 'independence'?  Could the jailers exert their 'independence'?  Could the probation or parole officers exert 'discretion,' too?  Would juries be entitled to do as they please, or do they have the simple job to determine whether a law is broken or not?  Justice is a chain of people and enforcement mechanisms that doesn't end at solely the judge's bench.  Either you enforce the law or you don't, and this judge decided to make up her own laws as well as make herself the cop, too, under the phony cover of judicial 'discretion.'

Here's one other element that signals how badly off the rails the whole leftist-judges-at-the-bench issue has run.  In a separate piece, Carr interviewed a Joseph ally, Suffolk County district attorney Rachael Rollings, who pretty much explained that there are two sets of laws for the assorted crooks they sentence:

On that same page, Rollins writes that "our office will begin to factor into all charging and sentencing decisions the potential of immigration consequences." 

So if someone faces deportation as a result of his other actions, which he was responsible for and conducted without regard for his immigration status, he gets less punishment than an ordinary American for the exact same crime?  That isn't justice; that's banana republic.

Justice apparently isn't blind in a leftist place like Massachusetts. 

And it's pretty clear that a leftist judge decided that laws were there to be broken.  Expect a lot of rubbish from the press about the whole thing being a matter of President Trump's 'hard-line' stance on immigration or 'racism' or other leftist talking points.  The issue is whether the law means anything at all and whether the lawmen have a right to enforce the law. The U.S. Attorney who brought the case says it's not about Trump, it's about law. He's right. This bust signals a turn in the tide and one hopes a leftwing judge is about to learn about that the hard way.

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