Lots of MeToo stories nominated for the Pulitzer this year โ€” and an accused MeToo miscreant among the judges

The Pulitzer prizes this year showed a lot of topical themes among their finalists, as they always do — mass shootings, cherry-picked migrant sob stories, Trump's finances, Stormy Daniels, very obscure wars in fourth-world countries, plus the chestnuts — bad medicine, bad mortgages, bad justice, etc. Prominent among the themes in the journalism division was #MeToo, with nominations galore about sex harassment and women as victims.  One of the nominees, the Los Angeles Times, with its investigative series on a pervert doctor at University of Southern California groping and assaulting female athletes, even won a prize.  Two brilliant nominees reporting on the non-politically useful Paradise fires in California, with memorable stories of heroism from the flames, didn't stand a chance. Looking over the roster of nominees and winners, it's obvious that #MeToo is what's big.  I...(Read Full Post)
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