Judge Jeanine is back — without a word about her two-week suspension

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The best evidence of a powerful media taboo is the absence of any mention of something that the public is well aware of.  The power to banish any reference to a subject that media consumers are interested in is almost awe-inspiring; it demonstrates genuine command.

So, when Judge Jeanine Pirro returned to the Fox News Channel's air Saturday night, her fans, including me, tuned in eagerly to see what she would say about hijabs, Ilhan Omar, CAIR, and the forces that drive her into a two-week suspension, with worries over her future at the dominant cable news outlet.

Fox News via The Wrap.

The result: nada.  Her guests heartily expressed their joy to be appearing with her — an indirect reference — and she happily accepted their good wishes.  But not a word on the recent unpleasantness.

The Wrap noticed, too, and reviewed the kerfuffle for those readers who don't remember it.  It also pointed out this oddity:

Pirro was slated to appear Friday night on "The Sean Hannity Show," but cancelled due to what Hannity called a "serious family emergency."  However, she didn't mention the family emergency in her opening comments Saturday.

Something is going on, and we're not being told about it.

Even by Fox News Channel.