It has started: Nasty, irrelevant, media smear campaign against Stephen Moore

The opposition research creeps have been on the job. Now that Herman Cain has exited from President Trump's consideration for a Federal Reserve board seat, the long knives are now out for free market economist Stephen Moore. One media hit job after another is now rolling out against him in the press today, and none of it has to do with economics. The left has made a big deal about Moore's presence on the Fed board  a matter of 'politicizing' it, but this is what 'politicizing' really looks like. The New York Times, home of nasty, embittered columnist Paul Krugman, is the worst of them, and most ironically, too, because not long ago, the paper defended its hiring of Sarah Jeong, despite her quite recent history of racist tweets. Now it's put out a nasty hit job with just that logic it criticized, under an august and measured-looking articled headlined: "As Herman Cain Bows Out of Fed Contention, Focus Shifts to...(Read Full Post)
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