Is the Democratic Party possessed?

When candidates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez use "verbal blackface," as she did at the National Action Network, saying "ain't nothing wrong with" and "this is what (insert blah blah blah here) ... looks like" as she drawls out the looooks liiike as if she had a stroke while clapping her hands at each word, to add punctuation to her staccato, should we be concerned?

Hillary Clinton did it, as did Al Gore.  Even Barack Obama, depending on his audience, could upshift and downshift his colloquialisms to match his own perceived level of pandering from Ivy League, country club snob to battle rapper.

Sandy O was just following their lead, using the same working script on "How to Speak to Groups."  Sure, the acting is bad.  The pretense is as obvious as a trombone player in a heavy metal band.  (In other words, it's awkward and creepy.)  But at least she gets a couple heads in the audience to nod an affirmation.

Is this some new form of demon possession we should be aware of?  The only thing missing from Sandy O's speech was her head spinning around at the end.

The left has more pretense than Norman Bates pretending to be Mom.  Elizabeth Warren's an Indian who had a "great paw paw."  Robert O'Rourke is a Hispanic, a Beto, whatever that is.  Joe Biden is a lunchbox-carrying, blue-collar Scranton man who likes to bowl.  These people channel more spirits than BevMo.

I still remember when John Kerry asked the local hunters, "Whar's yer ammo at?" as he draped an open-barrel 12-gauge over his wrist.  Meanwhile, the other John running, when he wasn't knocking up roadies, wore a brown bomber jacket, and the two of them would pretend to sop up a big boy's drink while it took them an hour and a half just to sip the foam head off, trying to hide their "aw, this is gross" faces.

I don't remember Trump ever using another voice.  He has just this one voice, a man from Queens, District 8.  He likes to brag, but I've never heard his voice actually transform into another culture before.  He doesn't do the dinner theater circuit.  He just uses lots of the phrase "a lot" and does it often.  Oh, and "big."  He likes that one, too.  And "the best" and "great."  Simple, straightforward fare, yet the message resonates.  Maybe straightforward is all we ever wanted.  No need to reinvent one's persona.  He was already a fully grown adult, unlike the Democrats, the party of half-formed changelings. 

The question then is, why do Democratic voters like to be lied to so much?  Do they not perceive it as a lie?  Are they poor at discerning lies?  Do they not care about lying in general?  Or do they see nothing wrong in a candidate who happens to be a Sybil who can go in and out of trances and characters as his eyeballs roll up in his head?  Do we really want people affected with split personality disorders to have the nuclear codes?

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