In poop-covered San Francisco, the super-rich prey on the Left's merely wealthy

San Francisco is a city covered in excrement, and now even the wealthy inhabitants of its Embarcadero are going to experience more of it, up close to home and quite personal. Here's the news from the Guardian: Authorities in San Francisco have approved plans for a homeless shelter that had faced fierce protests from wealthy local residents. Tuesday's unanimous vote by San Francisco's port commissioners was the culmination of weeks of contention that began with residents of one of the city's most desirable waterfront neighborhoods raising more than $101,000 in a crowdfunding campaign to pay for an attorney to fight the construction of the Navigation Center. They got steamrolled.  This comes despite what locals say was "nearly 100% opposition," along with a swift raising of more than $100,000 from a GoFundMe campaign to legally fight the coming nightmare.  They're about to...(Read Full Post)
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