Impeachment ain't goin' nowhere

Impeachment is going nowhere like that Dylan song recorded by The Byrds:

I don't care how many letters they sent
The morning came
The morning went
Pack up your money
Pick up your tent
You ain't goin' nowhere

The public is not buying it, as you can see here: ABC/WaPo Poll: Support for Impeachment Drops to 37%.

It makes sense to me, because voters understand what impeachment means.

First, it will freeze the U.S. House, and nothing will get done about the border chaos or health care.  The Democrats seeking re-election in competitive districts next year cannot afford that.  They need to go back and say they passed something rather than just investigate President Trump.

Second, it will be very difficult to write articles of impeachment without a crime or to get a conviction in the U.S. Senate.

Will the angry left force the House Democrats to start impeachment proceedings?  I don't know, but they will make a lot of noise.  In the end, impeachment ain't goin' nowhere.

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