Glib talk in the wake of the immensely sorrowful Notre Dame inferno

No, I didn't see any Muslims dancing over it — which, in my anger as the horror sank in, was the first thing I looked for. But there were plenty of people who didn't quite get what the massive losses from the Notre Dame fire, which made so many of us actually cry, was really about. The fire devoured one of the world's great landmarks, a rare thing of beauty in a world of ugly modern art, an amazing work of human hands from an era not many years beyond the Dark Ages, a storied place that survived the horrors of World War II and even worse, the French Revolution, a place so beautiful and full of excellence that it had to have been motivated by spiritual strength and passion to build it, and a place so artistically and spiritually powerful that it spun off other works of art — art that begat more art — such as Victor Hugo's literary masterpieces.  From this far distance, I think of my friends in the...(Read Full Post)
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