Get ready for it: Newsom to blame illegal immigration on global warming

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is going all in on opposing President Trump - and the majority of the American people - on the problem of illegal migration as the caravans from Central America fire up. Now he's heading off to El Salvador to "examine the root causes of migration," as Big Daddy holding out the bag of goodies to would-be illegal immigrants in their home countries. To him, they're his constituents. So he's got to find some justification for this trip and you can bet he will. My bet's on him using the trip as a soapbox to make claims about global warming causing it.

He's started with this package of goodies for illegals described on his gubernatorial website:

 In his first weeks in office, Governor Newsom signed AB 72, legislation to fast-track state aid to asylum seekers who are being abandoned at bus stations and on the side of the road by the federal government. It was the first bill he signed into law. AB 72 established a Rapid Response Relief Fund of $5 million in immigration assistance, which helped support the opening of a migrant support shelter in San Diego.

Have pork, will travel.

But his claimed mission is worth looking at, too - to examine the "root causes of illegal migration" not to stop it, but as his pork demonstrates, to encourage more of it.

Latest "narrative" coming from the left is that global warming causes illegal migration. You can bet he will use it.

RealClearPolitics ran a long, very long, article from the New Yorker about how global warming is the real reason illegal migrants are heading in their caravans, not to the next convenient country, but to the United States, that country more than 1,000 miles away that is largely English-speaking and has a modern economy, with modern conventions such as flush toilets and washing machines. The link to "How Climate Change is Fuelling the U.S. Border Crisis" is here.

Global warming.

Which, though the idea is a rapidly discrediting superstitition from the left, is a wonderfully convenient excuse for justifying illegal migration. See, global warming is caused by gringos, so gringos did it. Get ready for the illegal migrants with their hands out as a result.

The New Yorker piece is very very long, (and pretty interesting as a descriptive piece), so I won't quote it, but suffice to say, the author of it failed to make her point. I will sum up what its writer found so as to make her argument that global warming causes illegal immigration:

Guatemala's western highlands are in a drought. That drought is creating food shortages. (Left unsaid: Guatemala's government is apparently doing nothing about it, despite it being its own people). The Guatemalans are clueless about how to adapt to any drought-like conditions. That means they need U.S. NGO aid workers to teach them about crop rotation, saving seeds in their own seed banks, and minimizing the need for water through shade planting. Guatemalans can't figure that out on their own. Aid from American NGO workers is the only thing that can keep people fed. And not just any aid, only American aid (Guatemala is apparently excused from the need to provide aid, despite the record remittances in hard currency it receives). Mean President Trump is cutting off aid. Yet he's the one who caused this whole debacle because he doesn't buy into the idea of global warming.

The writer keeps trying to circle around and claim that global warming is the cause of the Guatemalan drought, as if the region had never seen one earlier, but it's a tenuous and unpersuasive argument, never proved. The writer can describe problems, but can't analyse or consider multiple scenarios, and she wrecks her piece by trying to shoehorn it all into a "narrative' about global warming with insufficient evidence.

Rest assured, she didn't wreck her piece from the perspective of the agenda she was promoting. That influential ''narrative" is going to get into the Democratic party line as justification for cartel-led and gang-led illegal immigration, which of course strengthens cartels and gangs at U.S. taxpayer expense. Global warming means it's all O.K.., and never mind that detail about Guatemala's failure to take care of its own people during what in reality is a temporary weather condition for farmers whose capacity to adapt is basically by fleeing north.

Rest assured, Newsom will be up on this by the time he gets out of El Salvador. He's got to claim he did something other than shovel pork. He's going there to blame Trump for everything, and global warming is a big low hanging fruit for him.

Image credit: Refracted Moments, via Flickr // CC BY-SA 2.0





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