George Papadopoulos warns the Dems to be careful what they wish for


One person who has direct, long, and painful personal experience of the Mueller inquiry is George Papadopoulos. He is undoubtedly awaiting a pardon from President Trump, which I expect he will eventually get.

In the meantime, he has issued an intriguing tweet, suggesting that he knows a few things about the content of the report currently under review for redaction by AG Barr.



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I have long suspected that President Trump has a story arc – a term of art from continuing television dramas (including reality TV, at which Trump is the greatest practitioner in history) – in mind for handling Mueller. Viewers love a reversal of fortune, a sudden and unexpected turn that makes clear who the bad guys really are. And when they get their just desserts, the audience enjoys it.

I am not alone in expecting such a turn. If you don’t think Papadopoulos is worth listening to, consider the great Victor Davis Hanson: The Tables Turn in Russian Collusion Hunt

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