General Flynn has been grievously wronged, and Defense Department archives may have the evidence

It has now become clear that General Michael Flynn was set up and sandbagged by rogue FBI agents while the national security director, Susan Rice, an agent for President Obama, was orchestrating a domestic political intelligence operation of historic magnitude. Almost two years ago, Kristen Welker, Dafna Linzer, and Ken Dilanian of NBC News told us: Former President Obama warned President Donald Trump against hiring Mike Flynn as his national security adviser, three former Obama administration officials tell NBC News. General Michael T. Flynn (official DIA portrait). The evidence presented to date in public makes the case that the Obama White House was using intelligence/ counterintelligence practices and procedures against innocent Americans for political purposes.  In undertaking such an effort, one of the most import aspects of any intelligence collection effort is to build out the "social network" of your...(Read Full Post)
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