Finally! Mitch McConnell shuts down Democrats' obstruction of confirmation of Trump appointees

Because of unprecedented abuse of Senate rules, two and a half years into his presidency, President Trump has not been able to put all of his own qualified, confirmable appointees into senior-level positions.  This obstructionism has allowed Obama administration holdovers to obstruct and sabotage implementation of his policies (and to leak to the media). Senate Democrats have cynically exploited the Senate rules allowing 30 hours of debate of each appointee to slow down the staffing of his administration.  Finally, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell yesterday pushed through a majority-vote measure that changes those rules, limiting debate to two hours per appointment. The same trick has been used to limit the confirmation of federal judges, and those rules also have been changed. Naturally, Politico's coverage of the story is long on Democrat talking points and short on examination of the unprecedented obstructionism of the...(Read Full Post)
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