Exiting Marine general who leaked documents to undercut Trump should be McCabe'd

So much for "Semper Fi."

Get a load of this un-Marine-like behavior from the Obama-era appointee leading the Marines, from The Hill:

The Marines' top general allowed the leak of internal Pentagon memos to publicize hardships military families faced during the deployment of troops to the southern border, according to a Newsweek report.

Marine Corp Commandant Gen. Robert Neller allowed two Defense Department memos to leak to NBC News and the Los Angeles Times in the past two weeks, Newsweek reported, citing two Pentagon sources.

The Hill's headline states that President Trump's move to send troops to defend our unguarded border was an actual blow to our military readiness.

Though the press certainly played it that way, the Hill's lede doesn't support it.  Improvements to military readiness are not a matter of buying new houses for military wives and families.  It may be a good thing, sure, and military housing may be lousy, but let's face it: these military leaders have had years to fix this, and they didn't do it.  Now the border issue came up, the Marines were rightly asked to assist, and the Deep State wanted things to be business as usual.  But for one of them to be leaking to the press to call out Trump for trying to guard the border over this is wrong.  It's two commanders at once.  It only highlights that there's a reason Trump is the commander in chief and Gen. Neller is not.

The report also states that military exercises were delayed, and that got leaked as well in order to undercut President Trump's bid to guard the border as a million unvetted foreign nationals approach.  Exercises are important to military readiness, but they are premised on hypothetical situations in far flung places.  The border crisis, by contrast, which Trump was responding to, is a live thing, something already happening.  That an exercise could be more important than responding to an actual threat of inundation of the homeland by gangs, cartels, terrorists, and welfare-seekers from every corner of the globe in real time is absurd.  Once again, we can see why Trump is commander in chief and Gen. Neller is not. 

What we have here is another effort by the Deep State to undercut the president.  Leaks are a sneaky maneuver to undermine the commander in chief and something enemies like to do.  It's really amazing to see coming from a Marine leader instead.

The Marine leader is leaving office as an impressive new successor is expected to take his place, and he knew there would therefore be no consequences to him when he was caught.  He also may be anticipating that his successor may expose his failures on military housing and other matters, so he's playing politics to get the upper hand instead.  Regardless of what it was, Neller leaked to get his licks in, which is what this looks like, and is taking advantage of the fact that because he's retiring, no one can get back at him.

Trump should give him some consequences — such as was given to deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, who got fired a day before he was expected to retire and lost his pension.  If it can be done at all, Neller looks like a good one to get McCabe'd to rid the Corps of politicking disloyalists.

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