Even CNN is noticing Kamala Harris is an empty pantsuit

I have long had very little regard for the abilities of Kamala Harris.  She entered politics on her back, as the mistress of Willie Brown, a man decades older, and ran for office more on the basis of her good looks and enticing and exotic intersectional cred as the mixed-race child of a black (Jamaican, not African-American) father and an Indian (South Asian, not Native American) mother.  Her performance in office, from her work as an assistant D.A. in Oakland on through California A.G. and her brief tenure as a U.S. senator, has not been impressive.

But now that she has been on the presidential campaign trail for a few months, as a top five member of the pack of at least 20 declared and likely candidates, her limitations are becoming obvious even to the partisans of CNN (who, after all, want a strong candidate who can stand up to and compete with Donald Trump).

This is a woman who has no depth and who skates away from difficult questions with a smile, a laugh, a toss of her head, and a canned evasive response (such as "we should have a discussion about that").

CNN is not pleased and put together a compilation from just one town hall (hat tip: The Right Scoop):

Update: After her evasion on whether incarcerated felons should be able to vote, Harris (or her staff) apparently noticed that it wasn't playing well, so she changed course, sparking this derisive tweet from CNN's Jeff Zeleny:

Image credit: Cropped from CNN screen grab.

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