Democrat Diogenes looking for honest members of his party

Former Senator Bob Kerrey of Nebraska made a name for himself by honestly criticizing his own party when he believed it was wrong. He famously said of Bill Clinton that he was an “uncommonly good liar” and has bucked his own party in supporting entitlement reform.

But in a recent op-ed, Kerrey called out his fellow Democrats for harboring two major delusions.

New York Post:

“The first,” he writes in an op-ed in the Omaha World-Herald, “is that Americans long for a president who will ask us to pay more for the pleasure of increasing the role of the federal government in our lives.”

He cites as examples the foolish push for the Green New Deal, wealth taxes and Medicare-for-all, all of which are being embraced by 2020 candidates.

The Dems’ second delusion, he says, “is that Americans were robbed of the truth when Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and Attorney General William Barr concluded that President Trump did not collude with Russia in 2016.” He goes on to say there is no reason to think the full report will change the finding that Trump is an innocent man.

Those are remarkable observations — but Kerrey isn’t finished. He also supports the movement to find out what the FBI was up to in 2016, and why it led the nation down the Russia rabbit hole.

“Congress needs to investigate how the Department of Justice got this one so wrong,” he writes. “If the president of the United States is vulnerable to prosecutorial abuse, then God help all the rest of us.”

In addition to serving as a two term Senator, Kerrey was also elected governor in one of the most Republican states in the union. Clearly, he is uncomfortable with the emerging radicalism of his party.

But referring to the Russia probe as "prosecutorial abuse," Kerrey gets uncomfortably close to the truth. A small group of Trump haters in key positions in the Justice Department tried to invalidate the election results in 2016. And they abused the full force and power of the national security state in the attempt. 

If Democrats in power were as honest as Kerrey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Comey and the rest of them would be facing their own investigation. But Kerrey's Democratic party is gone. Rationalism and the Midwestern values held by the former Senator have been replaced with radicalism and hate. 

It's doubtful that even a shellacking at the polls would empower Democrats like Kerrey to retake their party.

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