Concealed carry permit–holder tells Chicago cops he shot and killed a carjacker

A remedy to the wave of lawlessness overwhelming Chicago is suggested by the story told to police there by a victim of an attempted carjacking.  Assuming that the story checks out, Illinois ought to consider easing its draconian gun control laws to permit more concealed carry permits to be issued and thereby deter crime.  From the Chicago Tribune

A man with a concealed carry permit told police he shot and killed another man who ran into the back of his BMW in the Loop and then demanded the keys to the car at gunpoint early Friday, authorities said.

The owner of the 2015 BMW said his car was rear-ended by a Volkswagen at Ida B. Wells Drive and State Street around 4:30 a.m.  The man said he got out to look at the damage and then went back to the BMW to get his cell phone.

The driver of the Volkswagen walked up with a gun and demanded the keys, pushing the other man into the BMW, police said.  Both were inside the BMW when the owner grabbed his own gun and shot the other man, 22, in the head.

I know this neighborhood well, and it is in the heart of the Loop, the kind of area where a strong police presence would ordinarily be expected, and which should be considered relatively safe for driving a nice car.

Image credit: Google maps.

But of course, with the eroding of civil order in Chicago, it isn't.

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