Cancel the New York Yankees!

It's time to hold virtue-signalers to account for their own sins.

The New York Yankees were the second to last Major League Baseball team to sign a black player; the Red Sox were the final team to do so.

Since 9/11, the Yankees have played a recording of Kate Smith singing "God Bless America," a song she sang everywhere to help raise $600 million for the American war effort in World War 2.

The Philadelphia Flyers were more committed to Miss Smith, building a statue of her outside the hockey arena and either playing her recording or having her sing in person before crucial games.  She had an incredible winning record for the Flyers when she sang or her recording played.

Now, someone has discovered two old songs she sang about 90 years ago (she died in 1986), which contain allegedly racist lyrics.  Smith neither wrote the songs nor insisted they be included in performances or movies.  One of the songs was also sung by Paul Robeson, who thought it was satirical.

In response to the new controversy over the old songs, both teams have dropped the Smith songs from their repertoire, and the Flyers covered up her statue.  In the Left's never-ending battle to wipe out every vestige of American history it does not approve of, the purging campaign will win so long as colleges, companies, political officials, teams cave in to the pressure.

Kate Smith singing before Game 6 of the 1974 Stanley Cup finals — the night of the Flyers' first ever cup win.
YouTube screen grab.

The Flyers victory that night brought her record to 37-3-1.  Almost all players in 1974 were Canadian.  Note that a few players from the visiting Boston Bruins skate over to shake her hand after she finished. 

David Marcus calls for us to cancel the Yankees

The only fair and just thing to do here is for the New York Yankees franchise to fold, along with all but the expansion Major League Baseball franchises that came into being after integration.  We can replace them quickly with new teams, teams that never denied black people the right to play.  If Kate Smith is being cancelled for her actions 80 years ago, then so must the New York Yankees be.

These are the rules.  Well, sort of.  These are the rules when it doesn't cost anybody any money.  These are the rules when we decide to deride the memory of a woman who achieved greatness at a time when that was very hard.

She immortalized a second national anthem, and raised millions to support the war effort in World War II.  Yet she is a problem for singing a satirical song.  But Joe DiMaggio is a hero even though he consented to outright racism that helped him secure his job.  Let's end the Yankees.  Please sign my petition.

What is next to go?  The National Anthem?  Why promote patriotism for a country with such a rotten history?

Below is one of Chicago's finest moments: the National Anthem sung by Wayne Messmer before the 1991 NHL All Star Game, with half a million U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia: