Buried lede: So now we have caravans loading up with migrants from Sri Lanka, Congo, Haiti...?

In its story about thousands of caravan migrants encountering a slow-walk for "humanitarian" visas of passage to the U.S. from Mexican officials, Reuters let out a doozy of a detail way down in its story about the matter: At the border town of Tapachula, near the southern tip of Mexico bordering Guatemala, another group included people from Sri Lanka, Congo and Haiti, a federal official said.  Some migrants said Mexican officials had slowed down the process of awarding the visas or denied them outright without providing any explanation. A small group lashed out at border officials in Tapachula on Tuesday over the delays, throwing rocks and breaking windows of a local migration institute building. Lovely bunch, aren't they, with their demands for instant customer service from Mexican officials? They've obviously got a lot of money for plane flights to places like Mexico along with cartel smuggler fees, therefore they are...(Read Full Post)
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