Boris Johnson to finally get his shot as U.K. prime minister?

Could it finally be roustabout and prominent Brexiteer Boris Johnson's turn? Could the yellow-haired former journalist finally become British prime minister and teach the continent a lesson? Could Britain finally get a matching conservative to the U.S.'s Donald Trump to form a Thatcher-Reagan tag team redux? Sure looks like it. The British bookies are saying yes, and here's what the Sun of U.K. is reporting: BORIS Johnson has leapfrogged the competition to become favourite for next PM - after apparently teaming up with Remainer Amber Rudd. The top Brexiteer is in pole position to take over from Theresa May as Tory leader later this year, bookies said today. His chances were posted following reports that Boris is planning to run on a joint ticket with Ms Rudd. Jacob Rees-Mogg backed the pair today and warned that the Tories would have to unite Brexiteers and Remainers to take on Jeremy Corbyn. Obviously, the continuous back and forth in...(Read Full Post)
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