Beto and Bernie could pay their 'fair share' right now

During the 2018 U.S. Senate campaign in Texas, then-representative Robert O'Rouke would always say the Trump tax cuts benefit the rich.

To my surprise, no one ever asked Mr. O'Rourke if one of those "rich" was his wife or her family.

According to new reports, his father-in-law is worth $20 billion!  Yet no one ever asked Representative O'Rourke about the hypocrisy of playing the populist card but not calling on his family to lead the way and pay more taxes.

We will soon get to see Senator Sanders's taxes.  My guess is that we will find out that capitalism has been very good to Bernie.

To be sure, I don't mind if Beto's father-in-law is super rich or if Bernie's book sales made him a millionaire.  Frankly, that's what makes the U.S. great.

My problem is with the hypocrisy of liberal Democrats who take advantage of the tax laws they run against.

So here is my challenge to Beto, Bernie, and anyone else who thinks he doesn't pay enough taxes: pay more!

Pay the 70% or whatever you want the rest of us to pay.  In other words, call on the liberal left to pay 70% and apply the overpayment to medical care for all.

Put your money where your mouth is, or something like that.

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Image: Beto O'Rourke via Flickr.

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