As Democrats struggle to find 'who can sell this slop' to voters, here comes Stacey Abrams

Rather amazingly, Democrats are promoting the addition of yet another candidate to their crowded subway car of potential presidential candidates — this time, failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

Here's what The Hill is reporting:

Democrats say there's room in their crowded presidential field for one more high-profile candidate: Stacey Abrams. 

The Georgia Democrat, who became a national name in her gubernatorial bid last year, is pondering whether to run for the White House — or the Senate, where Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) would love to have her take on Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.).

When Abrams's name was floated as a potential vice presidential pick for former Vice President Joe Biden, who has yet to enter the race himself, some supporters were offended because they saw her as the politician who should be at the top of the ticket.

Some Democrats say she would add a degree of diversity to a race that at the top looks to be crowded with white men.

It's weird stuff, given that Abrams holds views identical to those of the rest of the Democrats — socialism of an extreme sort.  She's not being put there on the strength of her ideas.  Based on her Georgia campaign website and other sources, Abrams favors gun control, Medicaid expansion, post-birth abortion, environmental "justice," the green agenda, open borders, letting criminals out of jail, redefining marriage, raising the minimum wage, tax hikes, etc. — the whole cookie-cutter agenda of the radical left that has taken over the Democratic Party.  In this regard, Abrams offers nothing new — just the same stale stuff the rest of them are selling as Venezuela fries away in the background from those very ideas put into action.

The only thing that makes Abrams different is that she's black.  That's a big deal for Democrats because they've got an identity politics platform, and the people they've already put out there on that basis — Cory Booker (black), Julián Castro (Latino), Pete Buttigieg (gay), Amy Klobuchar and Kirsten Gillibrand (women), Kamala Harris (woman, black, and Asian — a threefer), Andrew Yang (Asian), Elizabeth Warren (real woman, fake Indian) — aren't going anywhere in the polls.

Beto O'Rourke, who is going somewhere in the polls, is a fake Latino, in reality an inconveniently white male.  The other two frontrunners, much to Democrats' embarrassment from their own point of view, are old white men, too — Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.  And every one of them is offering the same old plate of socialism, just in different identity packaging.

Who is going to sell this slop the Democrats are selling?  Abrams is now the designated hitter.  The old white guys are an inconvenient for them, being jurassic, white, and male.  Abrams, on the other hand, is black, and not in that polished, fireproof corporate way that "best-looking" Harris is, but in a homey, everywoman way, which comes off as authentic.  We all can rest assured that unlike Harris, Abrams didn't sleep her way to the top.

Abrams, who narrowly lost the governor's race in Georgia last year, also has political talent.  Anyone who can sell a load of socialism to voters and not be laughed out of the room or tossed out as a bum has political talent.

This boils it down to the real issue: Democrats are trying to sell American voters a load of socialism, and only the most charismatic of pols can pull it off.  Bernie has it.  Beto has it.  Biden doesn't, but that's a function of moderate Democrats not wanting to elect a far-left nut, and some are endeared to his many gaffes, as they see those as authentic. 

Enter Abrams, who is black, has charisma, and has exactly the views the Democrats want to promote.  It's a cynical entry from the Democratic operatives' perspective, being based on personality politics rather than any attunement to what voters want.  Here's the package; let's get Abrams to sell it.

It's unlikely to work, given that it's above all the work of their own otherwise unsalable agenda.

Image credit: The Circus via YouTube via Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0.