All he had to do was mind his manners...and Assange couldn't even manage that

Why did the Ecuadorian embassy invite the London cops into its sovereign territory and ask them to extract Julian Assange like a bad zit?

Well, because he was abusing his hosts.

The Sun of London has zeroed in on just how freakishly disgusting the man acted as he nested away in the Ecuadorian embassy, according to reports:

JULIAN Assange was kicked out of the Ecuador embassy for allegedly sharing a photo of the president eating a lobster.

The WikiLeaks founder is accused of leaking an embarrassing snap of Ecuadorian premier Lenin Moreno dining on a platter of lobster in bed in a luxury hotel room.

Mr Moreno was so furious at the breach that he ordered Assange's seven-year refuge at the embassy be ended on Thursday, the Mail on Sunday reports.

The silver-haired hacker was booted out of his Knightsbridge safe haven after being handcuffed by embassy security and dragged out by officers from Scotland Yard.

That was his host shielding him from the long arm of the law.  And it wasn't just WikiLeaking he did to the Ecuadorians; he reportedly also did some Wikidumping:

He was said to have smeared his own poo all over the building's walls in a protest and annoyed staff by skateboarding late at night.

Julian Assange's lawyer Jennifer Robinson just denied claims he staged a dirty protest.  She said: "It's not true.

"Ecuador has been making some pretty outrageous allegations over the last few days to justify what was an unlawful and extraordinary act in allowing British police to come inside an embassy."

Given that WikiLeaks itself correctly forecast the Ecuadorian kick-out over the private photos of the president, which I noticed here ten days ago, I am going to believe that the Ecuadorians would have wanted him out on this disgusting matter, too, which also involves news of ungrateful guest behavior getting out.  There were leaks about the impending arrest, all right — probably from WikiLeaks or its sympathizers — but poo is a lot harder for WikiLeaks to spin, so there's been no leaking on that.  The Ecuadorians wanted him out (which was indeed an accurate leak), and boy do they have stories... 

When the story about the photos leaked out ten days ago, whoever was doing the leaking was trying to sound the alarm about Assange's imminent kick-out.  We were all supposed to be alarmed and pressure the Ecuadorian government not to do it.

But seriously, why shouldn't a guy who leaked private photos of his own hosts as they shielded him not be kicked out?  Some may argue it's a petty reason, and Assange's own attorney even absurdly argues that it was "illegal," but what was going on here?  Assange was a guest, not the boss there, and an embassy is like a home — sometimes it actually is a home — and this guy gets into the private stuff of his hosts and publishes it to embarrass them?  Like Aesop's scorpion, this guy just can't help himself.

The photo release of the Ecuadorian president eating lobster in bed was not only embarrassing to the president, but also politically damaging, given that the country, which is in really bad hock to China, is now under "austerity" in a bid to dig its way out.  Assange probably wanted to damage that president so he would get a different one more to his own liking.  Leaking is what he does, so he or his buddies probably leaked.  The feces-smearing incident was already sitting there as a demerit, and Assange knew that Moreno also wasn't happy with him.  It would explain why sending out politically damaging photos was just the thing...

He chose poorly.

All he had to do was not smear feces on the walls.  All he had to do was stay out of the Ecuadorian president's photos.  He couldn't manage even that.  He leaked and he leaked, and apparently took a dump, too.

Now he's whining about it.

Oh, cripes — put him in jail, and let him bother the convicts about it.  Saturday Night Live was funny indeed in its skit about Assange in jail, but its comic writers didn't get the half of it.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot from Ruptly video.

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