Yet another hate crime hoax at yet another expensive college

Another hate crime hoax has convulsed an expensive private college and yielded a mass demonstration by "more than 100" black students (out of a student body of 1,450), and the predictable list of seven demands, including race-based hiring favoring blacks and brainwashing (AKA mandatory "cultural competency" training).

So far as I can tell, no national media have picked up the story of the arrest of Ajani Arthur, a black student at Goucher College (tuition: $43,440) who allegedly created graffiti that "depicted swastikas, the letters 'KKK' and appeared to include the last names of four black students, including Arthur."  A previous incident last November, one floor below where the current graffiti were found and attributed to Arthur, said, "all 'n------' on campus would be killed."

The U.K. Daily Mail is doing the job that the American national media refuse to do, with the most extensive coverage of the fraud (though local media, including the Baltimore SunWashington Times, and the alleged perp's hometown paper, along with the College Fix, managed to take notice).  A Google search for Goucher College yields no note of the incident at all:

From the UKDM:

A black college lacrosse player has been arrested in connection with two incidents of racist graffiti found in a dorm on the Goucher College campus in Maryland.

Fynn Ajani Arthur, a 21-year-old from Brunswick, Maine, was charged with two counts of malicious destruction of property on Thursday night in Baltimore County.  

His arrest came after graffiti aimed at black and Latino students was found on the second floor of a campus dorm, one floor above where similar graffiti had been found on November 14, Goucher College administrators said in a statement.

Both incidents that shook the Towson campus involved backward swastikas [surprise! the ignoramus has no idea what a real swastika looks like –T.L.] and targeted specific individuals, according to the statement.  ...

Arthur was released his own recognizance after a bail review hearing on Friday, according to jail records. 

He has been banned from campus pending a student conduct review.

The incident has not yet made it to, which already has over 350 entries.  It is clear that there simply is not enough hate to meet the widespread psychological need to be a victim in the current social system that rewards such status.  One recent hoaxer, an LGBT activist who burned down his own house, killing two dogs and three cats, admitted to being "annoyed there was no prejudice to campaign against."