Why I did not get into Yale (hint: I wasn't qualified)

Pity the rich.  It used to be the middle class that got squeezed.  We had too little money to pay for college, but so much money that we had to buy tuition (and books, etc.) for the poor.  Still, we found other ways to succeed.  Then, having earned our way into the middle class, we struggled to get our kids into college, only to see them fall to the back of the line as members of the favored “quota gentry” were ushered to the front. These days, it is the rich who are suffering (sarcasm intended).  Their money has not only failed to gain them the preferential treatment to which they have become accustomed, but worse for them, buying their way past more accomplished students has potentially landed them in jail. Note that the topmost of the wealthy have not suffered these depredations.  The Kennedys and the Rockefellers can legally bribe their way into academia by founding a chair, a building, or parlaying their connections in the legacy...(Read Full Post)
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