When will Congress censure Rep. Ilhan Omar for her blatant anti-Semitism?

Listening to Rep. Ilhan Omar can be like getting in a time machine and returning to the 1930s. Before Adolf Hitler came to power, Europe was in the grip of an anti-Semitic fever.  Political parties, politicians, even newspapers were openly, nauseatingly anti-Semitic.  It was common to blame Jews for starting World War I, the depression, political unrest — any of society's ills that could be blamed on the Jews was. The upper classes were particularly prone to expressing anti-Semitic views.  It was in this atmosphere that Hitler matured.  One of his inspirational heroes was the openly anti-Semitic mayor of Vienna, Karl Lueger, who used Jew-hatred as a platform to propel himself to national prominence. Rep. Omar is cut from the same cloth.  It's not that she's oblivious to her anti-Semitism.  In fact, after her tepid "apology" for anti-Semitic tweets about AIPAC and Israel ("Israel has...(Read Full Post)
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