Tucker Carlson exposes CNN's slavish obedience to Democrats' demands

Last night, Tucker Carlson offered a landmark, devastating critique of CNN's descent from a legitimate news source to a propaganda adjunct of the Democratic Party.  Using CNN's own broadcasts yesterday, he proved his case that there is actual collusion between the two organizations, the Democratic Party and the pioneer cable news channel.

This is must-see TV (to appropriate a slogan invented by NBC) that almost fatally discredits a competitor that already is facing a viewership crisis, with half of its viewership melting away in the realization that they have been fed a hoax for over two years.  This is well worth eight minutes of your time.

The board of directors of AT&T, which recently acquired CNN, needs to carefully examine the liability that CNN has become for the large and diversified publicly held company over which the board members have fiduciary responsibilities.

The Left, in the form of Media Matters and other Soros-esque entities, is attempting to drive Tucker off the air with advertiser boycotts.  Like the president, Tucker is punching back harder.

Graphic: YouTube screen grab.

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