Too hot for Twitter? 'Unplanned' blows out box office projections

Have an indy flick? Need it to do well at the box office?

Well, as the box office returns of 'Unplanned' demonstrate, getting censored on Twitter seems to be the ticket to getting them into the theatre.

The pro-life film highlighting the truth about abortion through the eyes of a former supporter of abortion was not only suppressed significantly on Twitter (something it claimed was an 'error'), it was also blocked from advertising on network Lifetime, HGTV and the Hallmark Channel. 

So get a load of this buried news on the weekend's box office returns from the Hollywood Reporter:

New offering Unplannedthe R-rated, anti-abortion drama that faith-based distributor Pure Flix is releasing, is overperforming in its launch. The film earned $3 million from 1,059 theaters on Friday for a projected $6 million weekend, putting it in a close race with holdover Five Feet Apart for fourth place.

Unplanned — the second-best opening for Pure Flix behind God's Not Dead 2 ($7.6 million) — tells the true story of Abby Johnson, who defected from Planned Parenthood to become a pro-life activist.

The movie was partially financed by Michael Lindell, the multimillionaire founder of My Pillow, who is a born-again Christian and outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump. The $6 million film is played best in conservative-leaning states in the Midwest and South, where nine of the top 10 grossing theaters were. 

Here's an added bonus for the 'Unplanned' moviemakers, noted by Deadline Hollywood:

Ironically, if the intent to shut down the account was an attempt to damage awareness, it failed. The producers reported via Twitter that they have acquired 8,000 new followers once they returned to active status.

So a whole lot of them, from Twitter, to women's television networks, tried to suppress the movie, and on its opening box-office weekend, no less, and the result was higher-than-forecast traffic.

It calls to mind how show promoters and publishers a century ago would sell their works with a 'Banned in Boston' advertising point, always packing their theatres and best-seller lists as a result. 

Nice going, Twitter chumps and coevals. You goosed the profits of a pro-life movie you despise. Better still, you now stand exposed as the 'New Boston.'

By all means, let's see you try to suppress conservatives even more.

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