Time for Republicans to 'Resist'

"Resist" has been the mantra and game plan for Democrats against Donald Trump and a Republican-led House and Senate since the 2016 elections.  With few exceptions, literally everything President Trump and the Republicans have tried to do has been met with resistance by Democrats along partisan party lines.

Since the Democrats won back the House in 2018, they have become giddy with anticipation of impeaching President Trump.  Control of the House now gives Democrats control of committees and the power to investigate and subpoena witnesses.  So it's not surprising that the first order of business for a Democrat House is to investigate every aspect of President Trump's personal life, campaign, presidency, and business dealings in a fishing expedition in hopes of finding (or creating) something criminal or impeachable.

For starters, the House Judiciary Committee has sent out 81 subpoenas to anyone who was remotely involved in President Trump's campaign and administration.  It's not surprising that House Judiciary Committee Democrat chairman Jerrold Nadler of New York made it clear in an interview on ABC News's This Week that he thinks President Trump is guilty of impeachable offenses.  However, when pressed by George Stephanopoulos on that point, Nadler essentially admitted they haven't found any evidence yet — but they will.  

President Trump calls what Nadler and fellow Democrats are doing "presidential harassment."

With the shoe now on the other foot, Republicans should now Resist everything the Democrat-led House tries to do, beginning the resistance with the 81 people who have been subpoenaed by the House Judiciary Committee refusing to answer any questions by citing their constitutional rights under the Fifth Amendment.

Image: Tom Hilton via Flickr.

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