The Kiev Connection: Have the Democrats opened Pandora’s box with successful demand for investigation of foreign influence on the 2016 election?

Democrats may regret their years of hyperventilation over allegations of foreign "collusion" to influence a presidential election.  In what amounts to slow-motion political jujitsu, the nefarious acts attributed to the Trump campaign may end up being applied to the Obama administration and Hillary campaign.  A formal criminal investigation already is being launched overseas, making an American counterpart investigation awkward to suppress. Anyone who has paid attention to the genesis of the Mueller investigation understands that it was opposition research paid for by the Democratic Party and Hillary presidential campaign and corrupt senior officials at the FBI that sparked the appointment of the special counsel.  But new information developed by John Solomon of The Hill suggests that there was indeed an effort by a foreign government to influence the 2016 election, and that it was the government of Ukraine attempting to sway voters...(Read Full Post)
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