The corruption is starting early with the new class of far-left Democrats

The press has made a big deal about the new class of Democrats rolling into Congress and beyond, touting their 'diversity,' their 'socialism,' their 'sisterhood.'

 Most of us look at that group and see 'extremism,' particularly with the kinds of views they've presented, and the obnoxious gaffes they've blundered into, apologized for or not. They're new, after all.

But there's something different about this batch of Democrats we haven't seen much in the past: The corruption accusations and investigations surrounding virtually all of them, most pretty solid-looking. Here's a short list, starting with a Daily Mail report, via GatewayPundit. :

Where has $850m gone? Bill de Blasio’s wife can’t account for staggering amount of taxpayer money that the NY Mayor gave her for mental health project

Bill de Blasio’s wife Chirlane McCray cannot explain where $850million given to the mental health program she champions has gone, according to reports.

Here's another from Fox News:

Rashida Tlaib's campaign paid her $17,500 in salary after Election Day, in possible violation of FEC rules: report

Here's one from the Minnesota House of Representatives:

After receiving the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board’s (CFB) notification that it is conducting a formal investigation into State Representative Ilhan Omar’s campaign committee, Representative Steve Drazkowski (R-Mazeppa) is now filing a new complaint against Omar with the CFB.
Drazkowski said he recently discovered Omar used campaign resources for personal travel expenses.
"Once again, Representative Omar’s disbursements appear to fall outside of allowable campaign committee expenditures, which continues a troubling pattern of state law violations in this area,” Drazkowski said. "The more we dig, the more problems we find."

Yet another corruption front for Omar has been in the allegations she married her brother in a bid to get him into the country, effectively engaging in immigration marriage fraud

Meanwhile, Fox News has an item on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez engaging in corruption in her own way, with this one:

A Republican group filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday alleging that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's campaign may have illegally funneled thousands of dollars through an allied PAC to boyfriend Riley Roberts.

It's not just the socialist newcomers up to their ears in corruption allegations. Slightly more senior office-holders with presidential ambitions have a lot of ethics complaints piling up against them, too. The Washington Times reports that these two were in on this racket:

A watchdog group filed a Senate ethics complaint Monday against Sens. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren for sending out fundraising emails asking for donations to support their votes against Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh — even before they cast their votes against him.

What do we have here? Lost taxpayer money. Campaign finance violations. Pocket-lining. Illegal money diversions. Expense manipulations. Marriage fraud.

They've been in office as little as two or three months and we are seeing this?

Most of these are the kinds of crimes you see in old-line machine politicians, the kind who have suppurated in office for too long, and whose final game is to get rich before making the grand getaway. Republicans and Democrats in the past who have been charged with these kinds of things have typically been around awhile.

Now we are seeing the new socialist class getting started right away, all of them viewing government as the right way to get rich. It's always been noteworthy how the socialist societies these people champion abroad have always found ways to form nomenklaturas of designated ruling class members with access to vast wealth and special privileges, courtesy of the state. It's seen in socialist rule worldwide. You can see it right now in the billions amassed by the Castro and Chavez families of Cuba and Venezuela. It's also evident in the fortunes of the Chinese "princelings" in the communist ruling class, and in the oligarchs of post-Soviet Russia. Most of those particular mafia-like fortunes, particularly the earliest of them, began with money amassed during Soviet rule.

And now the current crop of self-declared socialists is jumping right in, too. The one thing you can say about these corruption allegations among these U.S. Democrats who seek to rule us is that the corruption starts early. We are actually seeing it forming now.

It's up to voters to nip this garbage in the bud. And Republicans challenging them can now bring it up as a feature, not a bug, of socialism.