The cartels and their 'conveyor belt' system of bringing asylum-seekers to the US

Cartels have long been in the business of facilitating the illegal entry of aliens into the U.S.  But the coyotes have discovered a way to drastically lower their overhead costs while maximizing profit. It's called the "conveyor belt" system, where the cartels use buses to bring Central American asylum-seekers through Mexico right to the U.S. border.  They then walk across the border and turn themselves in to border patrol officers as they seek asylum.  This is a massive abuse of U.S. asylum laws, but it is tolerated by the courts, as well as Republicans and Democrats. Washington Post: Paying up to $7,000 per adult with child, families are transported to staging areas at ranches and hotels in southern Mexico, where they are organized into bus groups and rushed north along Mexican highways, "stopping only for food, fuel and bathroom breaks," according to the U.S. law enforcement documents. ... Within 72 hours...(Read Full Post)
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