Social engineering and liberals' warped sense of justice

If somebody tells you that basketball in the U.S. is not diverse enough and discriminates against Asian- and European-descended people because most of the players are black, you and every basketball fan will laugh to death.  I have not seen any complaint about the high number of Indian-Americans in the hospitality sector or high number of Asian-Americans in nail salons.  But when you are told that most of the mathematicians are male, someone may jump to the conclusion that something is wrong with our educational system.  Why is that?  Why does asking for more diversity (in numbers) seem ridiculous in one area and legitimate in another?  Is there a legal impediment for women to choose math as their major and career?  Is there a social taboo about this?  Do people have a choice to do what they want to do with their lives?

This double standard goes back to the change of social values in the last couple of decades in some parts of the East and West Coasts of the U.S.  American media and academia have been successful in indoctrinating four ideas in this period:

1. To evaluate equality or any other value and norm, you do not need to look at the laws, policies, and gradual historical achievements; just look at sex and race configuration.  Even the percentage of racial populations (12 percent black Americans, 14 percent Latinos) does not matter.  The believers in the religion of diversity will tell you that "wherever minorities together are not the majority, there is racism."

2. America is a racist country.  This nonsense is based on "white male dominance."  Wherever "white males" have the majority, you should look for injustice and racism, even if it is donut-baking or the dairy industry.  This is a doctrine that is not supposed to be verified by evidence.

3. Legal equality does not matter; each and every "white" person should confess his racist attitudes, and each and every non-white person has been a victim, even people who have been naturalized in the last 20 years and have no experience of the racial divide in this country.

4. If you want to understand a social phenomenon, just look at the sex, race, and ethnicity configuration.  Forget about hundreds of other indicators that address individual and group characteristics.

After the monumental defeat of socialism in the 20th century, the left came up with these ideas and used them as its ideological pillars to promote three categories of justice: 1) environmental justice (to tackle man-made capitalist global warming), 2) racial justice (to preserve identities believed to be under attack), and global justice (to fight against continuing Western colonialism).  American people have nothing to do with these issues: other countries are more polluting than the U.S., most Americans respect people's identities, and the U.S. has never been in the business of colonialism.  The left believes that it is the mission of the government to deal with these issues.  For governments to tackle these issues, it should grow bigger and bigger, tax more and more, discriminate against "white people" more and more, and grant free resources to poor nations more and more and ask for forgiveness.  Without social engineering, these missions are impossible.

These are the fundamental policies for social engineering that are sold as diversity and inclusion promotion strategies to Western nations:

1. To take care of global warming, the government should nationalize energy, transportation, agriculture, and environment sectors.

2. To build safe zones and strengthen identity politics, education, art, culture, and media should be part of the government propaganda machine.

3. To tackle colonialism, the government should allocate a big chunk of national resources to other nations through foreign aid, immigration programs, and reparation.

4. If the economy is not in the hands of the government, the public does not have enough leverage to enforce social engineering.  Natural resources should be nationalized.

All of these are effective strategies to bankrupt Western nations.

If racism, patrimonialism, and colonialism were structural issues, SJWs should talk about getting rid of legal discriminations and isolation, but they do not.  They talk about discrimination and interferences that do not exist.  They address prejudice and bigotry that do not belong only to one group or another.  They talk about a wage or wealth gap that has existed from the dawn of human society.  It is here that the anti-racist and environmentalist agenda become a socialist agenda. 

Majid Mohammadi is an American sociologist.  One of his latest books is Ideological and Institutional Aspects of Islamicization Process: How Islamism and Shari'ah Contravene Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.

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