Sharyl Attkisson asks the key question post-Mueller Report

When unraveling a whole cloth of lies, it is important to start pulling on the correct thread.

Now that we know that the entire theory of Trump-Russia "collusion" cooked up by the Hillary campaign was a pure fiction, it is time to start inflicting the consequences on the miscreants.  But that's a process that could take time if and when A.G. Barr, or maybe U.S. attorney Peter Huber — commissioned by former A.G. Sessions to investigate possible FBI abuses — present evidence of criminality to a grand jury.

In the meantime, there is some posterior-kicking, AKA public shaming, due.  And I think Sharyl Attkisson has identified the first targets in need of disgrace, especially because of where that disgrace will lead:



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The biggest reason I want to start with shaming these people is what it says about the man who appointed them: Barack Obama.  He entrusted our national security to a bunch of dishonest clowns.  And their efforts have been aimed at covering up his culpability in the Hillary email scandal (because he received emails from her private account and lied about not knowing she had one, thereby incriminating him in improper handling — "gross negligence" — of classified material) and the even bigger scandal of authorizing spying on the presidential campaign of Donald Trump.

Make no mistake: Obama is the prize.  Unraveling the threads that lead directly to him would have a seismic impact on the course of American politics.  All of the Democrats' fantasizing about the SDNY indicting Trump and prosecuting him after he leaves the Oval Office would suddenly turn against their own champion.