Hey Democrats! Remember Howard Schultz? Sure looks like he's running for president

Sure looks like Ilhan Omar isn't the only problem Democrats have as they seek to halt the Trump revolution in 2020.

Former Starbucks CEO Howie Schultz is still around, and based on what's in his Twitter feed, he's indeed running for president. In fact, based on what he's got up, his campaign train has taken off from the station without telling the Democrats or its mainstream media allies. Look at his last five tweets:











Actually, there's about 20 of those kinds of tweets, geared precisely in statements and appearances to someone running for president. Note the criticism of both parties, which is what a candidate running as a centrist would do. Note the campaign-style appearances, as well as advance notice of them. Look at the attacks on socialism and the swamp - two things that served President Trump very well in his own campaign efforts, past and present.

Schultz knows what he is doing. What's fascinating is that not only have the Democrats not noticed (at least publicly), the mainstream media hasn't noticed (and that has to be public or they haven't noticed). Schultz has apparently decided he does want to run and is just chugging along and drawing in potential voters to see him up close and try to win them over. It's a very interesting kind of retail politics, untethered to the press.

Yes, he could be a problem for President Trump, too. But with the Democrats swinging over to the McGovern-cubed socialist model, he's really going to be a problem for them - and from what I can tell, they're caught flatfooted.

Run, Howie, run!

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