Perfect: A robot to fill Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's job in Congress

By now, you'll have read that Sandy O thinks people whose jobs are taken over by robots should be excited to be unemployed and have more time for creating art or whatever.  I would like her to have the same opportunities as the rest of the workforce, so I propose "Sophia for Congress!"

Sophia is a robot built by Hanson Robotics.  Like Sandy O, it appeared at the SXSW conference, but in 2016.  It is able to display more than fifty facial expressions, which seems like more than the congresswoman has in her human repertoire, but perhaps she is on camera only when she's complaining about something.  (She seems too young to be doing Botox, which can make facial muscles less responsive.)

If you know of Sophia, you may be aware that she is a citizen of Saudi Arabia.  One might snarkily say this proves that Saudi Arabia isn't interested in a woman's intelligence, not even the artificial kind.  But let's be tolerant and consider how difficult it is for a man to find a woman when his country allows a man to marry multiple women, leaving slimmer pickings for the other men.  You didn't think Muslim men marry little girls because they prefer them, did you?  Or keep sex slaves because they're convenient?  No, the guys are just trying to make the best of a bad situation, where the pool of available women is just too small.  Sophia has been criticized as a "chatbot with a face" (all in the Wikipedia article), but I expect she can be programmed to be quiet and submissive.  Or to practice taqiyya.  Did I mention she has a little sister?

So is the foreign citizenship a problem?  After Rashida Tlaib wrapped herself in a Palestinian flag to celebrate her victory?  After Democrats passed a bill allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections?  Ilhan Omar has accused Jews of having dual loyalty, but Sophia isn't Jewish (supposedly, she is intended to look like Audrey Hepburn; might be an issue if her looks copied Gal Gadot), so probably not an issue.  Heck, non-citizens already vote in our elections — why not let one serve in Congress?

Sophia has accounts on Facebook and Instagram (where she has 97.9K followers).  On Twitter, Sophia has 96.3K followers, while Sandy O has about 3 million.  The only issue I can think of from the standpoint of the Democratic Party is that Sophia is intended to have learning capability.  Sandy O seems to have avoided that possibility.

Sophia does appear to be white and female rather than gender-fluid, but let's not hate the non-organic beings among us.  She can always request "sex reassignment" surgery or simply self-identify as something else.

I wonder if she's pro-life.

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