Peak gender madness?

Guess what the ruling coalition in one of the Australian states wants to legalize.

From the Herald Sun of Brisbane (behind a pay wall). Miranda Devine writes:

Gender ideology has reached peak insanity in Tasmania, where Labor and the Greens are pushing laws in parliament which would allow abortions for men.

Yes, you heard that right. Abortions for men. (snip)

But the ascension of identity politics has turned truth on its head. We now see headlines about “pregnant men” and “breastfeeding men”. The British Medical Association even has asked doctors to use the term “pregnant person” to avoid being accused of “transphobia”

Our language increasingly is clouded by Orwellian newspeak.

In Tasmania, which seems to be the petri dish for ever more extreme gambits, the Liberal government last year introduced same sex marriage amendments to the law which removed the terms “mother, father, wife and husband”.

This opened the door to the Greens and Labor who introduced amendments to create gender neutral birth certificates, and to allow anyone aged over 15 to self-identify as any gender simply by swearing a statutory declaration. [emphases in original]



Remember: The Left thinks that conservatives are primitives who don’t believe in science.

Note: When I was a consultant, I spent a fair amount of time in Australia's biggest cities on a couple of extended missions. I learned there that Tasmania is the state that other Australians love to make fun of as a place where people have few teeth and live in primitive conditions. It looks as though Tasmania is trying to improve its standing by being more progressive than the others.

This merely shows that we have not been ruthless enough in mocking the absurdities of the progs. Gender madness is fertile ground as long as you don’t mind being denounced as a “hater.”

Hat tip: John McMahon