Ocasio-Cortez refuses to denounce Maduro when asked

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demonstrated her notable dancing skills yesterday by tap-dancing around a question about whether, as a democratic socialist, she would denounce the Maduro regime.  The strongest condemnation she could come up with for a dictator who is starving his people, forcing millions to flee to market economies that are able to feed them, is "this is absolutely a complex issue."

She goes on to caution against U.S. intervention, which is what really concerns her — not the toll exacted on the Venezuelan people themselves.  All she has are recycled slogans and accusations against Elliott Abrams, President Trump's special envoy.  Because America is the only real problem when it comes to Venezuela.

Transcript via Grabien:

Yeah, so I think that this is absolutely a complex issue.  I think it's important that we approach this very carefully.  One, I am, I'm myself, just like anyone else who is absolutely concerned with the humanitarian crises that's happening, and I think it's important that any solution that we have centers the Venezuelan people and centers the democracy of Venezuelan people first.  I am very concerned about U.S. interventionism in Venezuela and I oppose it, especially when we talk about a figure like this U.S. special envoy Elliott Abrams here.  I think it's — he's pled guilty to several crimes related to Iran-Contra and I don't think that we should be — you know, I am generally opposed to U.S. interventionism as a principle, but particularly under this administration and under his leadership I think it's a profound mistake.

It is evident to me that she has no empathy at all for the people whose lives are being ruined — even ended — by the socialist policies she endorses.  When pressed, all she has are leftist slogans that blame America for every problem in the world, ignoring any reflection on the fatal flaws in her own policies.

A more honest slogan that she somehow overlooked would be: "You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs."  That classic communist justification for the suffering it causes applies to her Green New Deal.

Photo credit: YouTube screen grab.

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